From Simplicity to All Possibility (2023)
    VERSE Magazine vol.13-19 (2022-2023)
    HANHUANG Group Book (2023)
    VERSE Winter Festival UNUSED Proposal (2023)
    Changhua for the Future Inner Page (2022)
    VERSE website banner collection (2022)
    #DocumenTweets (2021)
    Worm from Home (2020)
    Lu Chung Miao Time Coffee (2020)
    Fruit Tang Packaging (2020)
    Ikko Tanaka (2020)
    Guō Dōng Mùzi Design Studio (2019)
    TTTIFA ”Together We ROAR” (2019)
    GIMA 10th (2018)


    Graphic Design
    Book Design
    Editorial Design
    Logo Design
    Visual Identity

DD/MM/YY is an online platform to showcase Chiayu Lee’s art works.
Born in 1998, Chiayu Lee (李佳諭) is a graphic designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. She focuses on graphic design, editorial and visual identities, and is also interested in speculative design. She works in the field of publishing, photography, branding and exhibition. After graduating from the Design Department of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, she had been working at INPIN DESIGN (Intern, part time) and VERSE.